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Change of Venue as of December

Hi guys,

So at the last meeting on the 7th, we found out that the library we meet at is going to be closed for refurbishing. I feel sorry for the staff, as their jobs are ending and new ones will crop up. Everyone knows how that tends to go. It seems they will be gutting the current library and adding an extension, if I understand what’s going on right. They’re predicting the renovations will go on all of next year–to be opened next November or so. O_o Nice.

The library is closing here come December. This means we’ll still have our meeting on the 3rd Monday of this month (that would be Nov 21st) at the library, but that we’ll be moving again for December onwards.

Now, since we’ve gone up and down the gamut of what venues are available for Monday mornings already, I think it’s time to consider a little shake up. Our present meeting time (Monday during working hours) means that we have a pretty limited group of who could make the meeting and hence join our group. People who are free during that time tend to be retired, university students, or parents whose children are in school. That cuts out a lot of people who may be interested. I’ve been thinking that we could do our meetings in the evening instead. The Duke of Cumberland is a quiet, clean venue near our last meeting spot and they have the occasional literary-inspired night with poetry readings and whatnot. 7:30 on the first and third Mondays should be pretty calm for us. I’m hoping a move like this will help us to attract some new people.

Of course, there were people who weren’t with me on Monday. I don’t want to be making an authoritative decision without talking to others, so I’m hoping that on Nov 21st (10:30 at the library)  we can talk things over. You can email, of course, but bear in mind that it’s easy to lose the meaning in an email. So this is my proposal: as of December, meeting for drinks at the Duke of Cumberland the first and third Mondays at 7:30. It should be after everyone’s tea, and nobody has to drink alcohol.

Give it some thought.




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