Sorry folks, December meetings are a bit wonky

Right, so before I go into all the nitty gritty details:

Since the end of this month is filled with holidays, there will be no meeting on Week 3 of December. Unless someone wants one. And has the venue. Then I’ll show up, but otherwise it’s a bit of a hassle this close to Christmas and all.

Now, to Week 1.

Let’s start with timing.

My original plan had been to change the time from Monday 10:30 AM to Monday 7 pm. Having tried to go out lateish and timed my husband’s availablility to give me rides, this really isn’t a good option for me. Since I’m the main person who will be there… well, it’s sort of got to work for me. I could make it work, but I’d be fighting against the flow a bit.

My other idea was to have it in the afternoons, while the sun was still up. That way I’d only be walking home in the dark maybe a couple of times on the shortest days of the year. The trouble with moving it to the afternoons, is that this means that it’s harder for folks who work to attend–which was kind of a part of the reason to change the time from the morning. So, to make afternoons work, it’d have to be on the weekend.

I’m not sure if the weekend is any better than the week day. I’m really not sure about that. But I felt drawn to 2pm on Saturday, so it’s worth a little go.

Let’s move to place.

So we used to meet at the Library, but they’re getting renovated and are housing their books temporarily in a little trailer. Cabin? Mobile housing unit? What’s the British term for those things, anyway? I’ve forgotten. Nevermind. Point being, we’d have to move.

My first thought was to move to the pub that was very close to the library, but in rethinking it, there’s a pub closer to me and closer to the university. This pub has booths that look sort of space-agey that may make for a good meeting place, but there are tons of tables around too. They do coffee and cake, so no fretting if you don’t do beer.

So that’s the plan. I’m going to try going to the Good Fellowship at 2pm tomorrow, since it’s the first Saturday. If I end up alone, it’ll be good to see what the tea crowd is like.




One thought on “Sorry folks, December meetings are a bit wonky

  1. HI Nicole,

    Sorry for not replying earlier . I have had my knee replacement operation, things went well so as soon as things are back to I will know what I am doing. I was not clear about which pub you mean. Anyhow it will be middle of January maybe to meet up. The group are welcome to come to my house if needed.

    Have a Great Xmas and a Happy New Year

    Jacqui xx


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