Courtesy Guidelines

To maintain order, ensure fair treatment of all members, and encourage all who wish to participate to do so, we have a few guidelines to bear in mind while attending a Conch-Us meeting. Our guidelines aren’t set in stone, and will adjust according to the needs of the group.

We base our Critiquing guides on those outlined in Writing the Memoir by Judith Barrington. The details of it are to be uploaded soon.

We have a couple of minor additions. We have a set opening to the meeting and a set closure to the meeting, with casual visitation reserved for outside of the meeting time. This is simply to ensure that the group can discuss vital matters, announcements, and general news with full knowledge of those present, and additionally so that the group may accomplish its primary purpose of addressing writing critiques and questions. Members are encouraged to come early and/or stay late for a drink and visiting with one another. Should anyone need to arrive late or leave early, please do so in a discreet manner.

During meetings, to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to speak, we are acquiring a conch shell which is to be kept in reach of everyone. Whoever holds the shell has the floor. We base this tradition on Lord of the Flies.

And that pretty well covers our guidelines.